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Absolute Poker & UB After Black Friday | UltimateBet | AP Absolute Poker.com, UltimateBet.com and UB.com are online poker sites operated by the same owners called Cereus Poker Network which is privatly owned through Blanca Games

UltimateBet – Wikipedia März 2006 und dem 3. Dezember 2007 ein Spieler namens 'Nionio' einen unfairen Vorteil erlangt hatte, indem er, eine Sicherheitslücke ausnutzend, zum Superuser wurde und so die verdeckten Karten seiner Gegner sehen konnte. Gleiches war einige Monate zuvor auf der ebenfalls von Tokwiro Enterprises betriebenen Pokerseite Absolute Poker geschehen. Ultimate Bet Poker Wiki - Holdem Poker Starting Chips Blackjack Apprenticeship Counting Online poker players avoided both following the cheating Sep 18, 2008 It is similar to a case of cheating that occurred last year on UltimateBet's sister site, but this time the thieves ran the Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker Scandal: ^ Richtel, Matt ultimate bet poker wiki (2011-04-15). craps machine vs table

Oct 17, 2007 ... [Addendum appended.] A few weeks back I blogged about allegations of cheating at an online poker site called Absolute Poker. While things ...

1) The Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet superuser scandal -… Ultimate Bet (later renamed to UB ) and Absolute Poker are simply skins on this network. In comparison, no other poker sites have had security problems that have come anywhere closeI'm not highlighting these scandals to worry you, but instead to be transparent about the world of online poker. 60 Minutes Story on Absolute Poker/Ultimatebet "… The oft-delayed 60 Minutes piece about the Absolute Poker / Ultimatebet " superuser" scandals will finally run this Sunday on CBS.The 60 Minutes piece will obviously take a harsh tone towards the companies involved in the scandal (AP and UB) and probably the online poker industry as a whole.

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Cereus Poker Network was an online poker network comprising Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet.The site is now insolvent and not processing player withdrawals. Cereus is owned by a private company, Blanca Games. Blanca Games bought all Network assets in August 2010 from Tokwiro Enterprises. The Cereus network was one of the world's ten largest online poker cardrooms prior to losing the majority ...

UltimateBet, later referred to as UB.com, had a superuser cheating scandal similar to Absolute Poker. While Absolute Poker eventually acquired them, the two cheating scandals were unrelated, although they shared many of the same characteristics. The cheating appeared to start on or around June 2003.

May 13, 2013 · It's been more than five years since the Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker superuser scandal stunned the online poker world, and details are still emerging. On Friday, incriminating evidence released by a former employee implicated former Ultimate Bet owner Russ Hamilton and others in the theft of more than $50 million from its customers. The Russ Hamilton Ultimate Bet Scandal - PokerTube Suffice to say, the Ultimate Bet (and Absolute Poker) super-user scandals have set an unenviably low benchmark in poker history, affecting thousands and thousands of poker aficionados at every level, and the reverberations are still being felt today. Super User Scandal Absolute Poker - Poker History SUPER USER SCANDAL ABSOLUTE POKER. In addition to this, Absolute Poker refunded the buy-in of the players involved in the $1000 tournament where 'Potripper' won heads-up against 'CrazyMarco'. This however did not prevent Absolute Poker from having a serious problem with their integrity.

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Nat Arem, the rogue investigator who blew the top off the Absolute Poker scandal, has stepped in to assist with the UB investigation that never seems to end. And the most recent post on his blog, dated today, links some of the superuser accounts on UB to one of the site’s former owners, Russ Hamilton. Yep, that’s 1994 WSOP main event ... Absolute Poker Scandalo - Recevez vos 1600 de bonus de casino Le scandale Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet : RiggedLe poker en ligne est-il rigged ? Dans le doute, pourquoi risquer de perdre votre argent, quand vous pouvez jouer en argent réel sans déposer ? Super User Scandal Absolute Poker | AP Potripper Poker ScamThe super-user scandal on Absolute Poker is the biggest scandal in online poker history. Pokerati » Ultimate Bet

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